AppleJax is a 12 year old paint pony who loves spending his free time helping young students learn the basics of horseback riding and horsemanship. 


AppleJax LOVES to hit the trails and when he isn’t teaching his peewee riders the basics of ground poles and baby cross rails, he likes to enjoy his days in the field or spend it snacking on bananas. 


AppleJax has taken MANY riders through their first horse shows and is a legend in the lead line ring. He really likes getting dressed up in his fancy clothes and trotting around the equitation rings or down centerline. If you would like to get on AppleJax‘s waiting list for beginner lessons, please contact Kristie at 513-257-1026. 



Moose is a 22 year old Thoroughbred who loves carrots and peppermints. He was not a successful race horse but back in his younger years, he was a very successful eventer and competed up to a 1*! 

Nowadays, he spends his time teaching his riders the basics of dressage and jumping. He knows all of the Second Level movements and has a flying change. 

He’s also happy to cruise around a jump course, albeit sometimes quickly because jumping is life, up to 2’6”. 


He is a little quirky and sometimes things that are white are scary. He prefers a quiet but confident rider that can help him when he needs it and he promises to take care of you in the jump ring. If you can point, shoot and hold on, he can get you to the other side. 


If you would like to meet Moose and see about taking lessons on him, contact Kristie at 513-257-1026



Sid is a 7 year old Registered Quarter Horse who had his start in the western world and on the trails. He has been with us at KMLequestrian since May of 2019 and he is learning all about the world of dressage, jumping and eventing. 


Sid is a very sweet and gentle soul. Despite his young age, he is wise and brave beyond his years. He is a sensitive guy and requires his riders to be relaxed and focused on him while in the saddle. He is very solid on the trails, alone or in a group. He’s loving his time in the sandbox and thinks jumping is pretty cool too. 


Due to his sensitivity and still being green in an English saddle, he requires at least an intermediate rider that has an understanding of how to use their seat, legs and balance to help positively influence a horse. 

If you would like to meet Sid and inquire about taking lessons on him, please contact Kristie at 513-257-1026. Sid is available for a partial lease at Walnut Creek Stables for the right equestrian under KMLequestrian’s lesson program.